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Rifles Begin Pro Football Journey With Blue Bombers

As has become the norm annually, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have once again invited a handful of outstanding Winnipeg Rifles players to participate in rookie and main training camp beginning Wednesday, May 15 in Winnipeg.

Linebacker Cole Sneesby, tailback Brandon Urciuoli, and defensive back Troy Wilson will be fully embedded in both on-field and off-field activities alongside current CFL professionals throughout the month of May and into June, with the opportunity to suit up in the Blue Bombers' home preseason game on Friday, May 31 vs the Edmonton Eskimos.

Stay tuned to the Winnipeg Rifles' social media feeds for the latest as these outstanding men begin their pro football journey. For media or other inquiries please contact Darrin Bauming, Rifles communications manager, 204-299-9903,

Winnipeg Rifles capture 18-8 win over the NCAA's Augsburg University Auggies, capping their preseason schedule

Canadian rules 1st half:   8-0 Winnipeg

American rules 2nd half: 10-8 Winnipeg

The Rifles officially return to the practice field July 29, 2019 to kick off main training camp.

Barret Mueller's 4th-quarter red zone INT during the American rules second half.

Mathe Mitayango powers through the Auggies' defence in the Canadian rules first half.

American Invasion May 5

5Qs — Spring Camp 2019

With initial on-field activities wrapping up for the spring ahead of the Rifles' preseason Canada-U.S.A. tune-up, head coach Geordie Wilson sat down with Darrin Bauming of to answer five pressing questions coming out of spring camp.


Coach, what is the M.O. — not Mike O'Shea… mission objective — of the Rifles' spring camp?


We want to identify, ultimately, our 80-man roster. That's the first goal. Secondly, we want to get a better look at the rookies, and then set the table for our main camp beginning July 29 so we can hit the ground running.


Speaking of running, in watching spring camp it sure appears like your team can do just that, even with it being so early in the year. In your eyes, coach, what are some of the on-field strengths of the Rifles through the early going?


Right now I would say, for our offence, it would definitely be our offensive line. We're deep and talented there. And I would say on defence, probably, we're quite athletic at linebacker and defensive end. Much like watching the Saskatoon Hilltops the last few years, it's been their ends and linebackers who've been really athletic and can run. We've got a group of players now who can run — they can all run — and they're long and they're athletic. Those would probably be the two big groups as far as our strengths on each side of the ball.


First impressions are one thing… Being impressed is another. What's impressed you the most of your group so far?


I'll say this; I am not saying we're going to have an All-Canadian receiver or an All-Canadian offensive lineman or whatever. But this is the best team that we've ever had from top to bottom — we don't have any positional weaknesses. It's just like, there's no group that stands out at all in a worrisome way. The other thing is, for the first time ever, there's literally severe competition at all of the position groups. You can just see it.


What does that "severe competition" look like?


Put it this way. We're looking at our offensive line group — and I'll say this right now, there's only five starting spots — there's nine guys we could start. I would be completely comfortable starting any of those nine guys. In our receiver group, we have a dozen to 15 receivers in camp, and say we're in a five-R set, of those five starters, we're probably comfortable putting eight or nine of them on the field, no problem. Our two tailbacks, I mean, they're like 1-A and 1-B. Quarterback, well, clearly Riley Naujoks is our starter, but there is some push behind him which is great to see. There's a lot of potential there. On the D-line, there eight or nine guys we could easily put on the field. Linebackers, like I've said, there's six of them who are strong. At DB, we have five starters, and then three or four behind them we've very comfortable with.


The summer can be long, and young men tend to work towards enjoying themselves in the summer months. Do you have a message you want to instill in your team, to resonate during those months before the regular season kicks off?


Our message is this. Above all else, the Winnipeg Rifles talk about character and team. Sure, you hear a lot about that everywhere. But we want our team to know full-heartedly; every decision in our organization is made for what is best for the team. No what's best for Geordie Wilson. Not what's best for Riley Naujoks. No what's best for Mike Hart. Or whomever. It is always about what is best for our team. We work hard to instill that in everyone. And we work hard to ensure everyone knows the competition they should expect, and the competitive level every individual is expected to bring. There's guys pushing — and we want that in here. But it's also about pounding that team mentality in. For us to ultimately beat the best there is in the Prairie Football Conference and the CJFL and win a national championship, we have to be great from roster spot No. 1 to roster spot No. 80. And that is what is important to the Winnipeg Rifles.


Stay tuned to for our next 5Qs ahead of the Rifles' international preseason tilt against NCAA Division III Augsburg University Auggies on Sunday, May 5 at Eastside Field in Winnipeg.

American rules football… in Canada? More details coming soon.

Rifles are looking for Billet Families

Billeting a Winnipeg Rifle player involves providing accommodation as well as the “family” atmosphere in terms of meals etc. As Winnipeg Rifles players range in age from 17-22 the “family” atmosphere is one that is generally expected a young man of that age would receive at their own home.

Billeting can be a rewarding experience for both the player and billet family.

Billeting is often the preferred method for our 1st or 2nd year players in the age 17-18 year old range as they transition to living on their own. Our 17-18 year player’s parents often prefer billeting for their son.

Billets are paid a monthly agreed upon amount from the player or player’s family.

For more information, please reach out to Geordie Wilson, Head Coach, 204-792-1379 or or Laurie Hoel, General Manager, 204-793-2411 or

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